Soft Skills

Face your Fear of Public Speaking - Part 1

This workshop highlights the key elements for effective public speaking, such as, tone, dialect, body gestures, and gender neutral language.  Participants will learn about various techniques to combat anxiety, fear and nervousness.

Speech Writing - From Thought to Incredible Delivery - Part 2

This workshop will teach participants how to organize and condense large amounts of information. It highlights how to deliver a speech according to the demographics of the audience. Participants will also explore memorization techniques that can be used to create a simple speech format.

Networking Essentials

This workshop highlights several key principles for effective networking, 3 common reasons to network and explore various strategies for sustaining professional relationships. Participants will learn how to create an elevator pitch, conduct an informational interview and identify great networking opportunities.

Customer Service Principles

Customer Service Principles workshop provides participants with a distinctive framework for high quality customer service delivery methods, strategies for increasing company productivity, strengthen employee performance, improve customer satisfaction and explore the best solution on how to handle difficult customers.

Practical Tools for Planning #Stellar Events

This workshops will teach you how to plan a flawless event and provide your guests with a memorable experience. Whether your planning a fundraiser, educational forum, charity gala, workshop, book launch, or birthday party, this workshop will share must have tools and tips for success.  You will learn how to create a planning committee, delegate tasks, recruit volunteers, grass roots marketing tips, create a detailed agenda, manage invitation lists and coordinate guests. You will also learn about to design the overall flow of the event.  

**All workshops are fun and interactive-includes group discussions, handouts and activities.