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Key Attributes of Exceptional Leaders

Leadership is a skill that many people are born with but it also can be taught.  In this talk, Stacey shares essential attributes of exceptional leaders, which will be beneficial for anyone who wants to become a stronger leader in their community, business or at the executive level. This talk will highlight specific type of attributes to help you become a leader that is inspirational and influential.  This talk is ideal for people who want to see more women climb up the leadership ladder.


Growing and Maintaining your Clients

This talk is ideal for business leaders, professionals and service providers, who are having a difficulty finding or retaining clients. Stacey will teach you how to build lasting professional relationships in meaningful and practical ways!


8 Pillars of Community Service

If you are seeking to get more involved in your community or improve your company’s corporate social responsibility, this talk is for you! Learn how to add value to society and be the change we need to see in the world. Stacey will share her personal story of managing her professional life and other commitments, while being dedicated to community service.


P6 Formula for Success

This talk is ideal for professionals, individuals or community leaders, who are interested in accomplishing a difficult goal. Whether it is completing a degree, using your talents to earn a living or starting business, Stacey’s P6 formula can be applied to personal or professional development.


Balance Passion with Purpose  

When our passion is in harmony with our purpose, we are bound for success! This talk is most suitable for community leaders or professionals, who having difficult find their purpose but want to use their passion to earn a higher income, inspire others, build a legacy or create social change.


Careers Choices and Pursuit of Education

This talk highlights the importance of formal education and how to determine what to study in trade school, college and university. Stacey will share the value of using one’s academic strengths, talents and skills to achieve success. She will outline various ways to pay for tuition, practical budgeting tips and the importance of finding  a career coach or mentor  to support your educational journey!

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